FAQ for sample requestors

How do I gain access to biofluid samples?

There are two main ways to get access to samples:

  1. Some sample providers prefer that requestors contact them directly.  This preference is stated in the individual site descriptions in the Samples Available/Participating Sites section.
  2. Some sample providers may require you to file a formal application and sign a data use agreement.   Again, if this is necessary, it will be indicated in the individual site descriptions in the Samples Available/Participating Sites section.  The application and data use agreements can be found in the Samples Available/Apply for Access to Samples section.

How do I search for specific biofluid samples available?

  1. You can look at the general descriptions of samples available in the Samples Available/Participating Sites section.
  2. Use can also use the searchable database in the Samples Available/Database of Available Samples section to generate a list of samples you would like.  Once you have created a "shopping list" of samples, follow the directions on the "checkout" page to determine how to contact the site(s) who have the samples you are interested in.

**Please note:  The Database of Available Samples is incomplete, since some sites prefer that sample requestors contact them directly to discuss the availability of specific samples.   Sites that list their samples in the Database of Available Samples are indidcated on the Participating Sites page.

What are the rules for acknowledgment, authorship, and publishing using data  generated from samples accessed through the Virtual Repository?

In general, the rules for authorship and acknowledgement are determined by the sample provider and sample requestor on a case-by case basis.  In order to ensure that providers get credit for donating the samples, requestors will be required to acknowledge both the sample donor and the Virtual Repository in all publications, abstracts, and presentations generated using the samples. This would be the case whether the request came through the virtual repository, or if the requestor learned about the provider from the Virtual Repository and then all communication was directly between them.

What are the rules for sharing data generated from samples accessed through the Virtual Repository?

Access to all data/results and related intellectual property claims regarding this data are will be determined entirely by the agreement made between the sample provider and requestor.   In the spirit of collaboration and resource sharing, investigators are strongly encouraged to share their results and data with the entire Virtual Repository community.  At the discretion of the sample providers and the sample requesters, data generated from shared samples may be posted publically on the Virtual Repository website as part of the public domain.  A space for shared data can be found in the Data section.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact:

Rachel L. Nosheny, PhD, Associate Research Scientist, CIND:  [email protected]

Michael W. Weiner, MD:  [email protected]