Sample Providers: How to access samples

  1. Search the Samples Available/Participating Sites section for a complete list of available samples.  On each individual site page, sample providers will indicate their preference regarding how you can gain access to their samples.  Some sample providers prefer that requestors contact them directly to discuss which specific samples are avaialble and arrange the transfer of samples, wheras others prefer that you apply for sample access through the VRADB.  
  2. You can also search for available samples using use the Database of Available Samples to generate a list of samples you would like. 
    **Please note:   The Database of Available Samples is incomplete, as some providers prefer  that sample requestors contact them directly to discuss the specific samples available.  Whether or not a site's samples are included in the database is indicated on the Participating Sites page.
  3. Some sample providers may require you to file a formal application and sign a sample use agreement.   Again, if this is necessary, it will be indicated in the individual site descriptions in the Samples Samples Available/Participating Sites section.  The Application and Sample Use Agreements can be found in the Samples Available/Application for Sample Access section.