High Field MRI Center - Scheduling System

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The High Field MRI Center utilizes an online scheduling system for investigators to reserve time on the 3T and 7T magnets. User logins are granted after a High Field MRI Center Study application has been submitted and approved.


Appointment System

All magnet appointments are assigned a priority level.


Event Type




Magnet - Appointment, Billed


Billed Scanner Usage


Magnet - Training




Magnet - Development, Unbilled


Unfunded development



Each priority event is defined as follows:

Appointment, Billed (Orange) – Any usage of the magnet room, in which use of the magnet by another group is prevented. Includes setup in the magnet room. All appointments and time booked in orange will be billed.

Highest priority. May bump blue or gray.

Training (Blue) – Training of any staff or on any new equipment. Includes all safety training and alike. Also includes pilot studies with recruited non-staff subjects. Each PI is allotted up to 10 pilot scans (for each new study) to collect preliminary data using a finalized study protocol.

Medium priority. May be bumped by orange.

Development, Unbilled (Gray) – Any unfunded or unpaid development (i.e. protocol development). Also includes setup in console room, usage of console only, etc.

Lowest priority. May be bumped by orange or blue.

Regardless of event type, all users are required to log the total time spent using the MRI scanner and study information in the Magnet Billing database.

*** Failure to log scans in the Magnet Billing database may result in a penalty charge of up to 2 hours of usage.


Scheduling Appointments

All MRI users may schedule scans during Open MRI slots. Unlike assigned MRI appointment slots, any user may utilize open magnet slots.

All scheduled MRI training or development scans may be bumped for funded research and clinical scans with participants (orange priority). If you are taking a slot in which there is already a scheduled appointment, you are required to notify the owner of the appointment you are bumping with as much notice is possible.

Note: Users do not own any slots. If an MRI appointment with an outside participant has yet to be scheduled one week prior to the event, the slot then becomes available to ALL users on a first-come, first-served basis. We call this is our One-Week Rule.

Users with assigned MRI slots are required to make all possible efforts to scheduling appointments during their assigned slots before using an open slot.

Assigned slots may be requested in the CIND MR Application. All slots expire six months for assignment. Contact CIND staff to renew, if necessary.


Scheduling Unfunded (Development) Scans

During business hours (9:00am through 5:00pm) - To schedule an unfunded scan during business hours, appointments must follow the One-Week Rule. These appointments may only be scheduled up to one week in advance to the desired time.

During off hours (ending before 9:00am or starting after 5:00pm) – For appointments occurring in off hours, unfunded scans may be scheduled in advance, with no limitations.


Cancellations and Unused Time

In the event a booking is no longer needed, appointments must be removed from the calendar at least 48 hours before the event. Users who do not update their appointments from the calendar may be charged the full amount of the booked time. Repeat offenders may also have their scanning privileges withdrawn.

If you are utilizing a CIND technician:
Once you are aware of a cancellation, please notify or email the CIND Magnet Lead as soon as possible. Do not include any subject identifiers in any email communication. If CIND is not notified prior to the scheduled appointment, users may be charged for any unused scanner time and CIND technician time.


Recurring Slot Assignments

Recurring MRI appointment slots are assigned to funded studies and are determined based on the study’s recruitment totals. For example, if study goals are to acquire 50 scans within one year, then a weekly slot is allocated to achieve recruitment goals. Additionally, we factor in the length of the MRI scan protocol as well as time required to prepare for the scan, including consenting of the research participant, MRI Pre-Screen, and EEG cap set-up. All assigned slots are reviewed every 6 months.

To apply for an assigned slot, please indicate it on the MR Study Application.

Sharing Assigned Slots

Users are encouraged to contact each other directly to request slot trades/use of a study slot. Trading MRI appointment slots is up to the discretion of each MRI user. All slot expiration dates will maintain their original expiration date.

Short‐Notice Scheduling

If you are utilizing a CIND technician and an MRI scan is scheduled to occur within three days or less, please notify CIND Magnet Lead to confirm availability prior to scheduling.




For more information, please contact:

CIND Imaging Core Supervisor