CIND serves as an active training ground for students, pre- and postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and research staff to become educated and involved in neuroimaging research. CIND Faculty offer formal courses in imaging, neuroscience seminars, workshops, lectures and interactions face-to-face with students. Specifically, CIND faculty offer annually a multiple unit course in medical imaging informatics that introduces students to the principles of information theory and modern strategies for image processing and analysis, including parametric and non-parametric image statistics and data mining. In addition to formal teaching and symposia, CIND faculty disseminate their latest scientific results by participating in seminars, brown-bag lectures and grand rounds at UCSF and the VA Medical center. CIND also hosts regular seminars on brain imaging research (BIR). Lastly, CIND facilitates interactions of students and researchers with other neuroimaging sites at UCSF and in the greater Bay Area through the extensive network of its senior researchers. As such, the educational component is an integral part of scientific activities at CIND that goes across all scientific and collaborative projects.