Brain Health Registry: Groundbreaking Intervention Study

The Brain Health Registry, led by Michael W. Weiner, MD, and Scott Mackin, PhD, is a groundbreaking, Internet-based study aimed to accelerate the development of effective treatments and preventative interventions for brain diseases and disorders. With easy online registration, the Brain Health Registry uses web-based questionnaires and neuropsychological tests—which are very much like brain games, to screen, assess, and longitudinally monitor volunteers 18 years and older, for all types of neuroscience research. Joining only takes a few minutes and participation takes less than 3 hours a year. We are looking for all kinds of people—old, young, those who are healthy, those who have concerns about memory decline, those with Alzheimer’s in their family and those without it. Please visit our website,, or click here for more information. And help spread the word by telling your colleagues, friends and family! Join us now and help speed the paths to cures for brain diseases.