Gerald W. Matson, Ph.D.


  Gerald W. Matson, Ph.D.
  Facilities Manager, CIND
  Professor, UCSF
  (415) 221-4810 x3644
  [email protected]




Dr. Matson received his Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, and did postdoctoral training in NMR at UCSB. He oversaw the running of the NMR facility at UCSF from 1976 to 1978, and then moved to UCD as the Operations Manager of the UCD NMR Facility. In 1986 he joined Michael Weiner at the VA and UCSF. Dr. Matson has primarily been involved in technique development, and his interests include probe development, RF pulse development, and sequence development for spectroscopy and imaging.